Glass Repairs across Dublin - Get Instant Glass Repairs in Dublin at the Best Rates

Accord Windows gives you the best of both worlds. We provide quick glass repairs and our glass repair services are provided at the best rates.

Is Your Glass in Dire Need of Repair?

Glass is a delicate but aesthetic component of every home and office that is often overlooked by home and office owners – except in dire situations when;

  • The glass shatters unexpectedly
  • There is a break-in and the need to fix the broken glass piece becomes an urgent and important security necessity
  • A crack left unattended to for too long spreads and eventually causes the glass to break
  • If over time the glass appears to be fogged up and
  • If there is water lodged inside the glass unit

You do not have to wait till it comes crashing down with unexpected replacement costs……leaving a trail of unforeseen inconvenience and even physical injuries

We are Dublin's Glass Repair Experts

We can competently handle any scale of glass repairs for residential and commercial spaces. We repair anything and everything glass-related; glass doors, glass tables, full glass windows, etc. we work to the highest level of safety standards and our team of glass repair experts have countless years of experience and knowledge.

We also Provide Glass Accessory Repairs

Our glass services also extend to the repair and replacement of important window accessories such as locks, hinges and glass frames. We can provide minor facelifts for your glass or provide complete makeovers – depending on the extent of damage and your budget.

Locksmith Services

You don’t have to break down your glass door due to unexpected key issues…
We also provide locksmith services for awkward moments and situations. You can quickly get in touch with us in situations where:

  • You lose your keys and do not have replacement keys to get into your home or office
  • You lock in your keys by mistake at any time of the day
  • Your key gets caught and breaks unexpectedly inside your door’s keyhole and you cannot get the broken piece out.

We will help you save hundreds of euro in glass repairs and replacements without wasting your time or taking too much time to get your key issues fixed.

Complimentary No Obligations Quotation

All our window and door services are listed on the left-hand side of the website.  And we also provide a no obligation quotation, so feel free to complete the Quotation Form above, call direct on 01-451 9482 or send a mail to the office at: and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

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