Accord Windows provides professional window installation services in Dublin and surrounding counties at affordable prices. We not only provide window installations but door installation, UPVC repairs and replacement and a host of other services you can find on the left. Accord windows is a Dublin based business who know the ins and outs of Dublin, meaning we can service your premises in short notice.

All our materials are of the highest quality and installed by our team of professional fitters. With almost 30 years of experience serving our Dublin customers, no job is too big or too small. We provide quality workmanship by talking with our customers to find out what they want and need, and we provide the quality that they deserve.

Why Choose Accord Windows for Dublin Window installation?

Big Cost Savings

Our Energy efficient windows are competitively priced and will provide excellent value for your home for many years to come. We promise to deliver great results and good value for money. Cheaper products are prone to damage and a loss of energy and heat from your home.

Durable Product Quality and Security

Our products are all internally glazed for maximum security. Doors fitted with anti-snap locks as recommended by Án Garda Síochána for maximum security. All windows fitted with shoot bolt locking system. Our products also have long-term wear and tear value; they deliver excellent performance for a long period.

Better Insulation

Accord Windows and Doors provide top grade insulation. This feature lets you keep in as much heat as possible indoors and gives you more warmth than other products, especially during the cold months. This has the double benefit of keeping you warmer for longer.

A significant cut in Heating Bills

The higher insulation quality and the ability to keep in heat means that you get to spend significantly less on heating bills. This helps you save more in the long-term.

ZERO Warp or Fade Features

Our windows do not warp or fade over time. With proper handling and maintenance, our windows can stay in top shape for a very long time in the future.

Easy Cleaning, Handling and Management

Accord Windows are easy to clean and maintain. Our uPVC windows can be cleaned with just a damp cloth and they will remain clear and fog-free without needing technical or complex maintenance routines.

Better Soundproofing Quality

Our Double and Triple Glazed UPVC windows minimize the level of sound that comes through to the barest minimum. They are made to reduce and filter out unnecessary and irrelevant environmental noise.

Recyclable Eco-friendly Products

Any waste associated with our jobs and the production of our doors and windows are ecologically disposed of, any materials that can be recyclable is recycled. We try our very best to do our bit for the environment and work as efficiently as possible.

We are Local

Getting quality service from big-name brands can be difficult, especially post-installation. As we are Dublin based, we are happy to visit your premises should you have any issues post-installation.

Additional Services

As mentioned, before we have several complementary services that should meet your needs including locksmith specialist and repair. Whether it’s a private home or business we are always ready to help.

Complimentary No Obligations Quotation – Contact Accord Windows Today

All our window and door services are listed on the left-hand side of the website. And we also provide a no-obligation quotation, so feel free to complete the Quotation Form above, call direct on 01-451 9482 or send a mail to the office at and we will be happy to provide a quotation.