Month: September 2018

The most reliable door repairs services in Dublin

Door Repairs

Door Repairs from the experts at Accord Windows. A door is not just a functional part of a house, granting access inside and outside the house, but it is also a safety element of every space. We all need to have doors that we can rely on, knowing that they function properly at all times, keeping ourselves, the people we love, and our belongings in safety around the clock. But, because a door will always be subjected to a wide range of factors, from weather […]

Who to call when you need double glazing repairs

Double Glazing Repairs

Double glazing repairs can be rather tricky regardless if we are talking about double glazing doors or windows. The matter must be handled with care, as there are two layers of glass when it comes to double glazing doors and windows. Double Glazing Repairs – When to Act? When do you need double glazing repairs? Believe it or not, throughout our activity in this specific area, which spans over more than 30 years, we noticed that people wait far too long before they actually decide […]