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Window Hinge Repair & Costs


Just when you think you saved some money, something always seems to go south. While you can do many repairs around the house yourself, window hinges are a fix that requires professional help to preserve heat and safety. A bad repair will do more harm than good, so it’s essential to hire experienced professional, such as here at Accord Windows. We will assess the damage and restore your windows to their previous condition in no time. If you’re worried about the costs of window hinge […]

PVC window repairs in Dublin: Call the experts at Accord Windows

While the seasons in Dublin are getting more extreme, summers and winters alike, old windows are no longer enough for a comfortable setting. In fact, being indoors can either be wonderful or claustrophobic, and that depends on the condition of your glass. Accord Windows offer superior ranges in PVC window repairs and installations that can make a haven of your home, helping to control an equitable environment and temperature inside, even when the weather outside may seem erratic. It’s cost-effective as well. Reasons to repair […]

Hinge Talk: Problems With Door or Window Hinges and Repair Options

Window Hinges Repairs

How well your windows and doors do their job is up to their hinges. And yet, most people are unaware of any problem until a chilly draft or a loud squeak coldly brings your attention to the problem. Even if it’s just a squeak, damaged hinges can seriously impact the quality of your life. When such problems occur, you know it’s time to find professionals who can repair or replace the offending hinges. That’s easier said than done, though. While repairmen are generally hard to […]