Window Hinge Repair & Costs


Just when you think you saved some money, something always seems to go south. While you can do many repairs around the house yourself, window hinges are a fix that requires professional help to preserve heat and safety.

A bad repair will do more harm than good, so it’s essential to hire experienced professional, such as here at Accord Windows.

We will assess the damage and restore your windows to their previous condition in no time. If you’re worried about the costs of window hinge repair, you should know that it depends on a few factors, but it’s not usually one that will break the bank. Hinges are usually quite affordable depending on the make and age.

Our team of experts here at Accord Windows Dublin will be able to give your windows a new life and make them as good as new. You can expect to pay under €250 for the total work, even for more complicated repairs – but it can depends, so, send in any photos and we can provide a fairly accurate quotation before a site visit.

There are some things to keep in mind when determining how much the repair will end up costing.

The Kind of Windows You Have

Side-opening windows are usually on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, while ones that tilt and turn require more delicate work.

The Material Your Windows Are Made Of

If you have PVC windows, the price won’t be high. The repair for aluminum windows ends up costing a bit more.

Whether You Need to Replace Hinges

As we mentioned, new hinges can cost anything from €50 and upwards, but much of the cost relates to labour and the time involved to complete the job. Sometimes hinges can be repaired, which can reduce the cost, but invariably its better in the long run to replace the hinges altogether.

How Many Hinges Do You Need Repaired or Replaced?

Hinges are replaced in pairs, if there are several hinges that need repair, you’ll probably end up paying less per fix. The team will access what is required and let you know, sometimes in advance when photos of the hinges are forwarded.

How to avoid costly window hinge repairs

If you often need to repair things around the house, the cost adds up. The best way to avoid window hinge repairs is to maintain them regularly. Clean any dirt and grime from the friction stay track to prevent the hinge mechanism from getting damaged. Lubricate the metal parts and adjust the friction but avoid tightening them too much. Our friendly experts will give you more advice on how to keep your window hinges functional if possible.

Need a Accurate Complimentary Cost to repair or replace your Window Hinges?

Whether your hinges have gone bad because of usual wear and tear or because of damage because of a break-in, we have the solution for every problem. Contact us 24/7 and get your hinges, locks, and handles fixed any for the best rates in Dublin. Our lock doctors will ensure the work is done quickly and with great attention to detail.


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