Hinge Talk: Problems With Door or Window Hinges and Repair Options

Window Hinges Repairs

How well your windows and doors do their job is up to their hinges. And yet, most people are unaware of any problem until a chilly draft or a loud squeak coldly brings your attention to the problem. Even if it’s just a squeak, damaged hinges can seriously impact the quality of your life.

When such problems occur, you know it’s time to find professionals who can repair or replace the offending hinges. That’s easier said than done, though. While repairmen are generally hard to find, good window hinge repair experts are a rare breed.

In all fairness, hardly anyone thinks about these tiny parts until they are worn out or broken. Here is what you need to know about hinge problems and how to solve them.

Common Hinge Problems

Door hinges are meant to hold steady for years, but a lot of problems can arise when they start to give way. Here are a few indicators of damaged hinges.

  • Squeaks – these are not necessarily a sign of damaged hinges. A drop or two of lubricant might be all that is needed to solve the problem. However, if it persists, it might mean parts are scraping against each other which is definitely cause for attention
  • Loose door or window – if one or both hinges becomes damaged at the mountings, the door or window loses its perfect symmetry and might lean downwards or sideways.
  • It takes too much force to close or open a door or window – if the hinges drop the door or window one millimeter too many, it might get in contact with the floor or frame. You will then need to lift it up and force it shut. Dragging doors are a sure sign of compromised hinges.
  • Drafts in the room – a good hinge should ensure a reasonable seal against the weather outside. However, a hinge that starts to let in a draft is a sign of damage and should be checked immediately

Any of these signs are reason enough to call in a hinge repairman. Damaged hinges are damaged doors and windows, so they need immediate attention.

How to Take Care of Door and Window Hinges

When was the last time you checked the integrity of your doors, windows, and their hinges? That’s because they are one of those fit-and-forget things. Or are they?

Care and maintenance of door hinges are as important as that of any other part of your house. Doing so could save you money in repair costs, energy bills, and more. Plus, it doesn’t take a lot.

  • Regularly apply a light penetrating lubricant at the top of your hinges. You might need a can with a nozzle for easy application
  • Use a Philips screwdriver to tighten screws where possible
  • Check how well the door or window swings in place
  • Check for drafts around the hinges
  • Check the weather seals around the hinges and replace them if necessary.

DIY Hinge Repair

A hinge problem sounds like a small problem. Nothing a hammer or screwdriver won’t solve, right? Unfortunately, this is not one of those DIY problems. It’s very easy to ruin a window or door worth hundreds or thousands, especially when there are heavy glass panes or expensive frames involved.

Even with the right technical skills, you can’t always have the right tools to fix a hinge. Given how easily it is to damage the said door or window further, DIY door or window hinge repair is highly discouraged. Opt for a professional repair, and you won’t regret it.

Why Get a Professional to Repair Your Hinges?

A professional hinge repairman will ensure convenient, safe, and effective hinge repair. They will be able to determine when you need a complete replacement, whether the frame itself needs attention, or if the mounting is compromised.

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Window Hinges Repairs

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