PVC window repairs in Dublin: Call the experts at Accord Windows

While the seasons in Dublin are getting more extreme, summers and winters alike, old windows are no longer enough for a comfortable setting. In fact, being indoors can either be wonderful or claustrophobic, and that depends on the condition of your glass. Accord Windows offer superior ranges in PVC window repairs and installations that can make a haven of your home, helping to control an equitable environment and temperature inside, even when the weather outside may seem erratic. It’s cost-effective as well.

Reasons to repair your PVC Windows

  • cracks or insufficient glaze or water retention
  • From little jobs to complete replacements,
  • we offer repairs to suit your needs and budgets.
  • We have experience in handling all types of complaints
  • and offer the most apt solution, without bias.

There are several reasons to go for repairs, including…

We believe trust and reputation is most important and promise professionalism and quality, guaranteeing our clients’ happiness. As a market leader in window installation and repairs, our professionals also come with the most recent knowledge and up-to-date information.

Before and After Picture of PVC Window Repairs

Dublin PVC window repair: Treat yourself

There are many advantages of PVC windows – it’s an investment for your future. These windows are energy efficient, more secure, internal glazing with anti-snap locks and shoot bolt locking system. The best part is the top-of-the-market insulation – the PVC windows trap a huge amount of heat so that you can stay warmer indoors. It also means that the heat lasts longer as well. It directly impacts on lessening your electricity bill but this is not the only way you can save on your expenses. Our repair and maintenance costs are competitive within the market.

If your PVC window is less functional, it’s letting out heat when it shouldn’t. Maybe the glaze has dulled or the window cracked. We can replace or repair accessories like locks, hinges and frames. Rather than delay the maintenance further, which may lead to higher expenses, call our expert for an assessment now.

Professional work within your budget

We understand that our clients work within their budget so we offer competitive rates and great value….

  • Our products have long-term durability,
  • low wear and tear and so less prone to breakage or constant maintenance
  • we can handle any scale of work
  • ensuring high quality and workmanship along with safety and security.

How to contact Accord Windows for free consultation

As Dublin’s PVC glass window repair experts, our team at Accord Windows come with experience and expertise, at reasonable rates. Why don’t you find out right now? You can either get a quote on the top of the page by filling in a simple form or even email us your queries at:

 info@AccordWindows.ie and we can discuss. Or else call our office in Dublin at 01-451 9482. Our skilled experts make sure to find out your needs and following an assessment, will advice on the best course of action within your budget.

Or simply see our Contact Us page.

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