Who to call when you need double glazing repairs

Double Glazing Repairs

Double glazing repairs can be rather tricky regardless if we are talking about double glazing doors or windows. The matter must be handled with care, as there are two layers of glass when it comes to double glazing doors and windows.

Double Glazing Repairs – When to Act?

When do you need double glazing repairs? Believe it or not, throughout our activity in this specific area, which spans over more than 30 years, we noticed that people wait far too long before they actually decide to repair their doors or windows. This happens due to the fact that, in some cases, the degradation of the doors or windows takes place gradually, instead of just getting broken all of a sudden. So, allow us to underline some issues that can cause a lot of issues if your double glazing is not repaired in a timely manner.

Double Glazing Repairs – Issues when Repairs are not addressed

While windows and doors with double glazing are more effective when it comes to keeping your home insulated, as air finds it hard to pass two layers of glass, they are not indestructible and can show signs of fragility. To start with, there will be insulation breaches in your home when a double glazed door or window fails to do its job. This will affect, in time, the value of your energy bills, as you will consume more energy in order to maintain a comfortable atmosphere inside your house. If you walk around your house and feel a draught in the proximity of a window or door, then you need to seriously consider getting that door or window fixed right away. If not, the warm air from the inside will leak outside while the cold air from the outside will affect the temperature on the interior.

Although a bit of draught may not seem like a serious problem, you will end up wasting a lot of money on trying to maintain a certain level of comfort inside your home, especially during a colder winter.

Double Glazing Repairs – Cracks/Chips/Faded Areas

Double glazing repairs are even more recommended if you noticed cracks, chipped, or faded areas on the surface of the doors or windows. Any type of visual defect can indicate a problem that can turn into a real headache if it is not addressed properly and in a timely manner. Even if the situation may not seem that bad, it is still worth calling experts to check on your windows and doors, for your peace of mind.

Winter is coming…

Considering that the summer is almost over, and the cold season will soon be here, it would be great if you could have the windows and doors of your home checked. This way, you make sure that your house will be more than ready to face the cold weather and temperatures that are about to come, without presenting any insulation issues (remember last winter!!!???). Our team of experts will be more than glad to help out. Due to our extensive experience with all types of double glazing, installs and repairs, we know where to look and how to fix any problems or arising problem. Whether we are talking about double glazing repairs or any other kind of doors and windows issues, Accord Windows are the company you can always count on.

Contact Accord Windows for a complimentary consultation….

Furthermore, the team at Accord Windows are very friendly and professional. We will visit your home, business or premises, evaluate your needs, address any of your questions and then help you select the ideal double glazing repairs, any window or door repairs for your home or business. Accord Windows is committed to your satisfaction. Call Accord Windows for all of your window repairs and replacements – see our No Obligations form above and our direct contact details are: contact us through our contact page or contact us directly on: 01 451 9482 or email: info@AccordWindows.ie.

Double Glazing Repairs
Double Glazing Repairs

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