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The patio is the space where we love to relax, enjoying our morning coffee with our loved ones, relaxing while reading a book or taking stock and having a simple cup of tea, or maybe the little ones could ruin the atmosphere and engage in some games!!! It’s a great place to feel like you are in the outdoors soaking up some much-needed sun!  So the last thing we need is a squeaking or broken patio door.

Access to your home

Considering many patio door provides access inside the house, in many houses, it is as important as the front door. This is why you need to make sure that the door connecting the house with the patio closes appropriately and won’t represent a security breach. Not to mention that during the cold season, a door that doesn’t close properly will allow cold air inside the house, damaging its energy-storing efficiency and increasing your bills. Whatever may be wrong, get the patio door repair you need in order to enjoy a fully functional door to your patio.

Services we provide including Patio Door Repairs

It doesn’t matter if the hardware of your patio door is not working properly if you lost the key and need a new door lock if the frame of the door looks damaged, or you need an access door for your pet installed, we can do any kind of operation concerning your patio door.

Our team is highly experienced when it comes to patio door repair, having both the tools and training necessary to handle every situation efficient and fast. Once one of our experts visits you, you can say goodbye to a broken patio door and welcome a door that fits all the standards.

Patio Door Repairs and How we work at Accord Windows….

We respect all our customers’ requests and the set schedules so that you won’t have to deal with a broken patio door for too long. So, is your patio door giving you a hard time? Then don’t allow a door to ruin everything by turning the patio, a space that should be pleasant and friendly, into an unpleasant and unwanted corner of your home.

Why Accord Windows

Our extensive experience in the door and window repairs domain make us the best choice you can make when seeking ‘patio door repair’, general doors or window fixed. But, if your old door is not something you want around anymore, then we will replace it with a new one if required, taking care of the entire installation process for you. So yes, we provide complete solutions when it comes to doors, patio door repair, window repairs, locks and hinges…..

Contact the Patio Door Repair Experts – Accord Windows

You deserve a home and patio that can offer all the safety and comfort you need, and we are the ones to make sure that everything is as it supposed to be…so contact the Accord Windows team today….We provide a no obligations quotation throughout Dublin and surrounding counties.  If you are in need of patio door repair, don’t worry the team at Accord Windows will provide you with the best options available to you, and offer a number of alternatives to match any budget, allowing you to make the most informed decision.  Contact the office direct on 0876994820 or 01-4519482, email: or complete the form above and we will contact you within the hour to arrange a site visit and quotation.

Patio Door Repair
Patio Door Repair

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