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UPVC windows are one of the best home improvement choices when you are looking to make your home more energy-efficient and save on your monthly bills. They provide a wide array of benefits to buildings, ranging from heating cost reduction to improved energy conservation, sound insulation and security. In addition to all these benefits, UPVC windows are secure, durable and require little maintenance.

UPVC Window Repairs Dublin – What could go wrong?

Despite all these amazing benefits, UPVC windows do get faults usually due to ageing among several other factors and can serve up several issues. For instance, a flaw in the handle or frame of your window can make it easier for a burglar to force a window open, particularly if the lock is corroded. Other parts that could fail include hinges, locks, glass units, etc.

Though more typical with older model windows it’s important to get any damages and faults sorted as soon as possible. At Accord windows we have teams ready to assist with all your UPVC window repair and replacement needs.

UPVC Window Repairs – Repair versus Replace

When your window develops faults, you may feel reluctant to request a quote for a repair, as some glazing companies would simply suggest you have it replaced. This does not happen at Accord windows and we only suggest a replacement as a last resort.

Whatever the issue our team members are happy to call out and assess the situation and come up with a solution that provides you with safety and security in your home. Though you may be tempted for self-assessment or believe that your UPVC windows need a replacement our team of experts will do their utmost to ensure that this does not happen unless necessary.

Small repairs can be taken care of quickly by our teams and we work throughout the greater Dublin area. In case of emergencies, we also provide a 24-hour service but for UPVC replacements this is usually not necessary.

Should you have a commercial or private property you feel needs such services then please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

UPVC Window Repairs Dublin – Hire Experts…. Accord Windows

Hiring an unqualified or inexperienced window repair technician will only end up damaging other parts of your UPVC windows or they could perform faulty repairs that could end up making your windows to develop faults more frequently. Therefore, you need to be careful when selecting your UPVC window repairs Dublin experts.  Do a few simple checks, go to the Companies Registration website and check how long they have been in business, online reviews, Facebook page, photos, how good is their website, and so on..

Accord windows have been in business for over 20 years and we have expanded our portfolio of services to include windows and door replacements and repairs, lock, and hinge fixes and much more. We take pride in being one of Dublin’s premier repair and replacement specialists. Don’t go with the cheapest option, but also don’t got for the most expensive when it comes to your UPVC window repairs in Dublin. Choose Accord, the right choice for every job.

Signs that your UPVC Windows Need Repair

Paying close attention to signs that your UPVC windows are not working to their full capacity and determining when they need possible repairs is especially important. This will not only help to save you money but will also prevent the need for a costly replacement if it is fixed without delay. Also, it can help to ensure that you get the most out of your UPVC windows. While some signs that you need UPVC window repairs may be obvious, other signs may not, so you must be vigilant.

Longer lasting UPVC Windows:

A few simple tasks can help your UPVC windows last longer. This includes a little cleaning and oiling, but they can make all the difference of your window lifespan.

Windows and frames should be cleaned about twice per year unless they get very dirty. A dry cloth and some quality window cleaner are all you need. This helps get rid of any moss or growth on your windows and allows you to examine for any cracks or damage to the frames.

Oiling the hinges and handles when the begin the get stiff will offset and catching or snagging that may occur on your doors reducing the risk of damage even more.

Hiring an expert for your UPVC window repair?

Your choice of UPVC window repair company in Dublin must be highly experienced and fully insured.  Look no further…hire Accord Windows for any UPVC Window repairs Dublin today!  We have a no obligations complimentary quotation service throughout Dublin and surrounding counties.

So, the next time you are looking to hire a UPVC window repair expert in Dublin, Accord Windows should come to mind! Whether it is a commercial or domestic building, we can expertly complete any repair works on your windows. We also specialise in the installation and supply of UPVC windows.

At Accord Windows, we will be happy to give you free tips on home security as well as general no-obligation advice to ensure your home is warm, comfortable, and secure. For bookings or further inquiries, kindly contact us through our contact page or contact us directly on: 0876994820 or 01 451 9482 or email: info@accordwindows.ie.

UPVC Window Repairs Dublin

UPVC Window Repairs Dublin

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