Window Repair Dublin – Are you feeling a draft around your windows?

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Window Repair DublinAre you feeling a draft around your windows? This is certainly a sign that your windows are not closing as they should. Maybe your windows are too old, or over time they have lost their original properties designed to insulate your home.  Not only are your old windows increasing in your energy bills, you will need more and more energy to keep your home warm.

With winter closing in on us all and with the rather cold weather we are expected to experience in the coming months in Dublin and throughout Ireland, a window that allows cold air to get inside the house is something undesirable.  And not to mention your special guests over Christmas and the New Year, who are well used to warmer climates in Australia for example!!!  So, if you’re looking for window repair in Dublin, you came to the right place.

Window Repair Dublin – Why Accord Windows

Don’t allow bad windows to ruin your home’s comfort by leaking in cold air over Christmas and throughout the cold months of early next year. Give us a call today and allow us to assess the state of your windows. We pride ourselves on a number of important business principles:

Our countless years of experience and knowledge regarding all types of window repair throughout Dublin makes us well equipped to handles ever type of window repair.

We are a very reasonable and understanding business and we provide window repair solutions that will fit your budget

In fact, many not for profit organisations who have searched ‘window repair Dublin’ online and have found our website have benefited from our services and our reasonable pricing.  We have helped out many not for profit and charitable organisation such as, Youth Clubs, GAA Clubs, Soccer Club, Boxing Club and more, throughout Dublin.  So, we do try and give a little back at Accord Windows.

Our philosophy is to create long lasting relationships with our customers, we truly understand the value of traditional ‘word of mouth’ referrals and online reviews for customers who have found us online searching ‘window repair dublin’.  All our referrals are based on our value for money and our ‘customer first’ approach to our window repair service.

Window Repair Dublin – Why Accord Windows – Our Integrity

We would never replace a window unless it is uneconomically to repair, only if it is the best option in the longer term and only with your permission and agreement to do so. If the window can be fixed, we will do it, out of the desire to keep your expenses to a minimum while making sure that the atmosphere inside the house is warm and welcoming.  Our integrity is paramount and the customer will always come first at Accord Windows.

Fast and Emergency Window Repair across Dublin

We know just how unpleasant it is to have cold air pushed inside around the windows, especially on a windy day, which is quite often in Ireland!!  And we realise your security is of paramount importance.  So we really do our best to have the matter resolved as quickly as possible, as we stated above we value customer satisfaction as a client and our reputation as a company count really means a lot to the company.

Window Repair Dublin – Why Accord Windows??

Why choose us and not another window repair Dublin company that provides similar services such as door and window repair in Dublin? The truth is you can find quite a few companies that offer such services, but you should always do some research before making your final decision.  We recommend that you try and be as informed as possible.

If you decide to contact us and have your windows fix then we will not disappoint. Once we assess your window or windows and fully understand the scope of the job involved, we’ll make you wait no longer and repair your window in the shortest time possible, even in the same day if we don’t need any special materials. We would really like to prove to you that we are the window repair company you can trust, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Window Repair Dublin  – Our Contact Details

We provide a no obligations quotation throughout Dublin and surrounding counties.  Contact the office direct on 0876994820 or 01-4519482, email: or complete the form above and we will contact you within the hour to arrange a site visit and quotation.

Window Repair Dublin
Window Repair Dublin


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