Do I Need UPVC Window Repairs?

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For anyone with UPVC windows repair needs at home, you might at some stage come across a problem with your UPVC windows. While usually very stable and sturdy, just ask our customers, even the best windows can become victims of cracks and damage in various ways. If you would like to get around that problem, then might we recommend that you take a look at our UPVC window repairs? UPVC Window Repairs…with the right kind of repairs, you can: Improve the aesthetic image of your […]

Finding the Best UPVC Door Repairs Dublin Can Offer

UPVC Door Repairs Dublin

UPVC Door Repairs Dublin – As a home owner, one of the most important parts of your property that often geos undervalued is that of your windows and doors. With UPVC door repairs Dublin home owners can make sure that they don’t need to watch their windows fall into disharmony and disrepair. Done right, you can easily adjust and improve the look of your doors and windows and make sure that they look much better than they did beforehand. UPVC Door Repairs Dublin – A […]


Glass Replacement Dublin

Glass Replacement Dublin – Looking for glass replacements in Dublin? This article is meant for you!! No doubt, glass adds beauty, value, elegance and a touch of luxury to any property. With so many different types available, choosing the right type of glass can make a property look exceptionally good. However, as valuable as glass is to any property, accidents do happen and it can become damaged. If broken or chipped, the glass’ strength has been sacrificed, which makes it potentially unsafe to you and […]



Buying replacement windows can be one of wisest decisions and the most cost-effective home improvements you can make. Similar to other home enhancement projects, installing newer, more energy-efficient windows can actually be a lifesaver and a money saver!! There are many reasons why you would want to consider replacement windows. It could be because your windows are simply failing or for aesthetic reason.  What should you look out for?? REPLACEMENT WINDOWS – WHEN YOUR WINDOWS ARE FAILING If you notice any of the following signs, […]

Choosing a reliable Locksmith in Tallaght

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There is no place on earth that is 100% safe! Everywhere from Tallaght, South Dublin, to Foxrock and Lucan are all susceptible to the same issues when it comes to household safety. We don’t just mean burglars or misbehaving teens. You, I and everyone else is guilty of breaking keys in our locks, forgetting keys or just letting our locks age and become damaged. Luckily, our team of experts are the solution to your locksmith issues. Be it in Tallaght or elsewhere throughout Ireland, our […]


Window Repair Tallaght

Window Repair Tallaght – Although windows are considered one of the homes’ most gorgeous elements, they can incur a great cost if you neglect to care for them. Just like with any part of your home, windows also develop issues, issues which unaddressed can become very expensive problems in the longer term. Whenever your windows do have issues, the next thing would be to fix them, search online ‘window repair tallaght’ and find a provider.   However, one of the many things that deter people from […]

Emergency Glass Repair Dublin – Dangers and Why Accord Windows

Window Repair Tallaght

Emergency Glass Repair Dublin – A glass window is a very common element of the present-day buildings in Dublin unless of course you are in the Bank of Ireland building in College Green, which has NO windows, a long story that relates back to a window tax in the 1730’s!  Glass is employed in many forms within houses and buildings. Naturally, we are usually fascinated by a glass pane from the first minute we see it, which is why an increasing number of commercial and […]

UPVC Window Repairs Dublin @ Accord Windows

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UPVC windows are one of the best home improvement choices when you are looking to make your home more energy-efficient and save on your monthly bills. They provide a wide array of benefits to buildings, ranging from heating cost reduction to improved energy conservation, sound insulation and security. In addition to all these benefits, UPVC windows are secure, durable and require little maintenance. UPVC Window Repairs Dublin – What could go wrong? Despite all these amazing benefits, UPVC windows do get faults usually due to […]

Window Repair Dublin – Are you feeling a draft around your windows?

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Window Repair Dublin – Are you feeling a draft around your windows? This is certainly a sign that your windows are not closing as they should. Maybe your windows are too old, or over time they have lost their original properties designed to insulate your home.  Not only are your old windows increasing in your energy bills, you will need more and more energy to keep your home warm. With winter closing in on us all and with the rather cold weather we are expected […]

Patio Door Repair at Accord Windows

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The patio is the space where we love to relax, enjoying our morning coffee with our loved ones, relaxing while reading a book or taking stock and having a simple cup of tea, or maybe the little ones could ruin the atmosphere and engage in some games!!! It’s a great place to feel like you are in the outdoors soaking up some much-needed sun!  So the last thing we need is a squeaking or broken patio door. Access to your home Considering many patio door […]